Thursday, 19 January 2012


One thing I love about blogging is how one thing leads to another - a friend of mine was doing some research for me with regards to self-publishing and she sent me a link which in turn led me to the Pagan Blog Project - a brain child of Rowan Pendragon from She has had a great idea of blogging A-Z for the whole years - 1 letter every two weeks and already very talented and knowledgeable people have signed up. I'm really looking forward to learning so much from everyone.

If you fancy joining in you'll find it here


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  1. Hi Fi!
    Wow! How lovely to 'catch up'! I put all my "messy stuff" away because we are hoping to move, (still waiting for rehousing though...) and started playing with smaller journals and just watercolours, then I did a workshop with my friend Barbara and wrote an article for a new magazine called Featuring, to be published this Spring!
    So, the digital art and photography seemed a natural progression... I also work part-time at Morrisons, so I get tired more easily!! Plus DD's pregnant! And happy, in a stable relationship now! Whoda thunk it, eh?
    I like the look of your blog - nice! Best of luck Fi! xoxoxo