Thursday, 19 January 2012


Welcome to my new blog for 2012. It is my aim this year to write my own cookery book based on the Pagan year. I want to celebrate the 8 Pagan Festivals with ideas for scrumptious recipes using seasonal foods. Together with ideas for spells, altar decoration ideas, herbs, oils - lots of goodies.

To compliment the book I thought I would also try and duplicate my ideas via the blog - it would also be lovely to hear some of your rituals, recipe ideas and how you like to celebrate the Pagan year.

Even if you are not a Pagan I'm hoping the book will still interest you as it will contain some lovely seasonal recipes. Sorry, you won't find Strawberries in December, or Sprouts in June. Isn't it the fact that we only get certain foods at certain times of the year which keeps them special? There's nothing like looking forward to asparagus season, berry season, spring greens to keep the palate interested.

As well as the book - I am also developing my own pagan soaps. These can be purchased from Etsy or myself direct - and I'll be including them on the blog every now and then.

I hope you will join with me on this journey - I will be starting with the next upcoming festival which is Imbolc.

Blessed Be


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